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Mission & Vision

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Agnes Davis swim swim swim I SAY™ accepted their first 6 swimming students in late October 2009. To date, the student base has increased more than 1200% which includes adults and special needs clients.

The true drive for this business was the drowning rates that clearly noted black people were three times more likely to drown than any other ethnic group. Even more disturbing than that, drowning is the second leading cause of accidental death among children. The CDC, Centers for Disease Control, writes, "The best means to prevent water-related injuries is to learn how to swim." So swim swim swim I SAY™ was born. Even though swim swim swim I SAY™ was established in 2009, the aquatics experienced of 40 years plus far outweigh our infancy. Swimming is not a luxury! It is a necessity for every child and adult to learn water safety and how to swim! Unfortunately, the fear of water will cause many of us to lose loved ones to drowning. Learning how to swim WILL SAVE LIVES! swim swim swim I SAY™ is about SAVING LIVES!

Agnes Davis

Being the only female minority-owned Upper Manhattan swimming company, swim swim swim I SAY™ fulfills the needs of the Manhattan client without having to venture downtown. swim swim swim I SAY™ is dedicated to personal service, student learning, excellent communication between parents and instructors, a positive learning environment, repeated enthusiasm and just plain having fun.

In 2013, swim swim swim I SAY™ was recognized by the Make a Splash Foundation for their efforts. "We believe you are on your way to having a program that is ongoing and will leave a legacy in your community.” The company was awarded a grant from Make A Splash Foundation to help provide scholarships for children needing quality swimming lessons in Harlem/Upper Manhattan. The USA Swimming Foundation also selected swim swim swim I SAY™ to help kick off their water safety festival in May as part of their 2013 Make a Splash Tour with Cullen Jones presented by Phillips 66.

Agnes Davis

swim swim swim I SAY™ has proven to be a leader in swimming companies and has shown a unique approach in teaching students with a fear of water. With the only copyrighted and trademarked Fear of Water to Loving the Water Swimming Curriculum™©, swim swim swim I SAY™ will leave no one on the side of the pool. swim swim swim I SAY™ knows that providing a safe, supportive and loving environment is a must to learning how to swim for all students (adults included) and especially for those getting over their fear of water.

It does not stop there. In 2010 Agnes was approached by a parent frustrated with the lack of swimming opportunities available for her autistic child who loved the water. Agnes realized most swimming companies were not equipped to work with gifted or at risk students, so swim swim swim I SAY™ opened their doors and began their own discovery of how to teach this child and provided swimming lessons to their first gifted student. Five years later, they are still teaching that initial student and their gifted and at risk students division continues to grow. Please contact swim swim swim I SAY™ via email,, for further details. In addition, please go to our home page for Autism Speaks scholarship information (if available).Agnes Davis

Swimming can impact a wide variety of people positively. With the devastating increase in diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, and obesity being found in many communities, swimming has proved to be one of the best researched exercise weapons against these diseases as well as others. swim swim swim I SAY™ believes all students deserve a chance to enjoy the water regardless of their abilities, challenges, or fears.

Learning the art of water safety and aquatic skills is a huge void in the rich and culturally diverse new Harlem. A void that needed filling and swim swim swim I SAY™ has stepped in to accomplish this goal. The mission at swim swim swim I SAY™ is to decrease drowning rates and address the generational fear of water that has gripped so many cultures. Agnes turned her passion for swimming into an opportunity to save lives. She hopes to make a difference in this world by helping others not become a statistic in the unknown and staggering drowning epidemic. Agnes' dream is to have at least one less parent burying their child due to drowning or one less child experiencing the loss of their parent.

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