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Let us first say FEAR IS REAL

swim swim swim I SAY defines the fear of water as individuals who:

1) have a fear or panic reaction to being in the water
2) find getting their face wet in the shower, pool etc. to be unacceptable
3) will not allow wetting their head or having water poured over their head
4) fear standing in water even though they are in a shallow depth
5) are not comfortable with having their hair washed in a shower setting
6) panic as if they are smothering if water enters the tip of their nose
7) are afraid of water due to an experience as a child or adult of being dunked underwater, being close to drowning or any other uncomfortable experience in the water

Any one of these symptoms denotes a fear of water.

Fear of Water

Agnes DavisThe above situations are very intense and real to many people. swim swim swim I SAY has worked with many students in who many or all of the above fears have been seen. In addition to our hands on experience, this vast aquatic knowledge allowed us to formulate a well tested curriculum to truly help our students.

Class size is another very important component to all individuals working through a fear of water. That is why swim swim swim I SAY will only teach fear of water students in a one-on-one classes. This will maximize the attention and development of everyone's learned skills. Moreover, a consultation or open discussion with the students and the instructor in a class setting is encouraged to reveal everyone's fear. You may ask, "Why is this necessary or important?" This affords the instructor a starting point and others in the class to know they are not alone in their fear or what causes their heightened state.

The class pace is intentionally slow; the level of comfort for our clients is our main concern. From our experience of working with fear of water clients, 16 sessions of lessons are the average number of classes to get over the fear. Please understand, if a client completes the fear of water swimming curriculum in less sessions, the instructor will automatically advance the student to the next classes.

swim swim swim I SAY will work with any student to overcome their fear of water. All we ask of you is to trust us to get you over your fear in a controlled environment. We welcome you to change your life with this commitment

In 2010 Agnes was approached by a parent frustrated with the lack of swimming opportunities available for her autistic child who loved the water. Agnes realized most swimming companies were not equipped to work with special needs or at risk students, so swim swim swim I SAY™ opened their doors and began their own discovery of how to teach this child and provided swimming lessons to their first special needs student. Five years later, they are still teaching that initial student and their special needs and at risk students division continues to grow. Please contact swim swim swim I SAY™ via email,, for further details. In addition, please go to our home page for Autism Speaks scholarship information (if available). Autism



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